• Output of 75,000 per hour for #0 Hard/Soft Gelatin Capsules
  • Output of 85,000 per hour for Ø 11 mm Caplets / Tablets


  • Automatic printing Machine for Tablet Capsule and soft gelatin
  • Minium change parts, equipped with feed discs and gravure rollers
  • Can do linear printing on any shape (round, triangular, oval, spherical or hexagonal)
  • Special designed discharge chute arrangement for sorting the tablets printed during the setting.
  • Interlocks for low air pressure, machine stop.
  • Total sound free machine with silent drive transmission.
  • Integral variable speed controls.
  • Operator friendly.
  • All contact parts in approved food grade MOC, confirming cGMP standards with safety standards.
  • Fine adjustable type printing head, for aligning the print on tablet center.
  • Fine adjustable pressure roller setting, giving constant pressure transfer on tablet/capsule to be printed.